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What does Enterprise Cloud Computing mean?

Enterprise cloud computing is the provision of cloud computing services to businesses. This is in contrast to consumer-oriented cloud computing services. In enterprise cloud computing, individual companies and businesses rely on contracts with cloud providers or vendors to outsource different types of IT services.

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Boost capacity and performance by embracing the cloud

Enterprise Cloud innovations help you add capacity and build more automation into your networks and processes.

cloud solutions deliver the reliability, performance, and scalability that enterprise networks demand. They enable you to:

  • Meet diverse, the fast-changing user needs a “bring your own” environment
  • Handle massive traffic volumes
  • Keep your data private and secure

Let’s Explore in detail about the enterprise cloud portfolio

SDN for private cloud

Build DevOps clouds that speed innovation and implementation. With our Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform you can:

Automate and optimize your IT assets to streamline configuration and improve overall performance
Virtualize any records center infrastructure no matter your hardware, hypervisor, or public cloud choices
Use coverage-based networking to attain high, verifiable degrees of manage and compliance throughout the whole software program stack

Discover our SDN solutions for private clouds


Connect remote sites quickly, securely, and easily with full visibility for management and control across all branch locations.

Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services solution gives you cost-effective and flexible remote site connectivity for data- and bandwidth-intensive applications like video. It also gives you the flexibility to consume network services across multiple providers and last-mile technologies.

Discover our SD-WAN solution

Enterprise IP communications

Use open APIs and robust software development kits to extend communications to any connected device, application, or website
Take control of your infrastructure and focus on business objectives
Break free of costly infrastructures that are run in silos or tied to a specific vendor
Discover Rapport Communications and Collaboration

Data Center Interconnect

Deploy DCI solutions that deliver business continuity and disaster recovery while taking full advantage of the new cloud ecosystem.

Our DCI solutions help you use a public, private, or hybrid cloud to increase control, agility, or cost efficiency. Data center consolidation, SDN, and cloud demand a fresh approach to DCI. Our certified and proven solutions deliver secure, flexible, high-performance DCI for the cloud era.

Discover our DCI solutions for large enterprises

AirFrame Data Center Solution

The acceleration of IT convergence and the need to support a diverse range of demanding applications requires an innovative solution that takes all the benefits from the IT and open source domains to create a scalable and distributed cloud-based architecture.

AirFrame helps you to meet these demands. Our solution runs any cloud-based application with ease. Features including advanced packet and crypto acceleration allow AirFrame to perform better than traditional IT servers in IT and Enterprise environments.

Financial sectors and other enterprises demanding carrier-grade, time-critical performance can benefit from the OCP form factor and our packet acceleration to ensure flawless performance.

Discover the AirFrame data center solution

Private WAN

Enable high-speed connectivity between your data centers and other sites. Our Private WAN backbone solutions let you:

Provide advanced quality of service and traffic engineering for business-critical applications
Strengthen data and network security with traffic encryption, network policy enforcement, administration management, and router protection
Leverage integrated IP/optical management and programmable SDN solutions for fast, easy support of new application requirements.

Top Enterprise Cloud Computing Providers:

 Microsoft’s Azure:

 While the security and app-intensive features offered by AWS are difficult to beat, the closest competitor is Microsoft’s Azure. This cloud computing technology was first introduced back in 2010 and has been greatly enhanced in the years since.

One of the major reasons businesses choose Azure over other offerings is because the technology is optimized for applications built in the .NET programming runtime. This is what Windows programming has used for over a decade, making it as easy as possible for Developers to transfer Windows apps to the Azure cloud seamlessly.

 Google Cloud Platform:
 While it may be one of the newer cloud computing providers to the game, Google developed the successful Google Cloud Platform to compete with the services provided by AWS initially, and now Azure as well.

Regarding services, the Google Cloud Platform offers comparable offerings to the two other providers in the cloud computing industry. However, it’s Google’s status as an innovator that entices businesses from all sectors into utilizing this technology. The tech giant constantly adds new features and increases capacity to its cloud, which is a major selling point for tech, app, or data-driven businesses that strive to be innovative and ahead of the curve in every aspect.

Amazon Web Services:

 The biggest and most popular of the enterprise cloud computing providers is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon was one of the first major providers to develop cloud computing technologies back in 2006. Due to this, AWS is now widely viewed as one of the most reliable and successful cloud computing technologies.

Initially used by smaller businesses as an inexpensive way to test apps or run websites, AWS is now utilized by major names like Netflix and Slack, who have transformed their smaller, innovative apps into core elements of their business which they continue to run through AWS. Once able to build the platform through the revenue provided by these initial app developers, AWS transformed into a core cloud computing provider with more enterprise features, higher-performance services, and enhanced security.

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