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Chickens boiled alive at Star Poultry Supply abattoir in Melbourne, secret footage reveals


A Melbourne butchery has been allowed to continue operative despite being investigated for doable animal cruelty, once in secret recorded footage showed it boiling chickens alive in its slaughter method.

Key points:
• Animal rights campaigners in secret put in cameras at Star Poultry
• Footage shows chickens being stewed alive
• Footage investigated and criticism verified however butchery allowed to continue operative

7.30 has obtained footage of hens being stewed alive at the Star Poultry offer edifice within the suburbia of Keysborough.

The video was in secret recorded earlier this year by animal rights candidate Tamara Kenneally and a gaggle of friends.

“I do need people that eat eggs to look at it simply to understand what is happening to those ladies,” she told seven.30.

“Cage ladies, barn girls, free vary ladies — all of them die like this.”
‘Something has gone awfully wrong’

PHOTO: Animal rights candidate Tamara Kenneally needs people that chow eggs to envision the footage.

The butchery slaughters egg-laying hens that ar thought of “spent” once they ar eighteen months previous.

Industry rules need chickens to be shocked and so straight off killed by a slit to the throat.

They are then plunged into a blistering bathtub designed to strip off their feathers.

However, the footage shows several chickens still acutely aware once they ar unfit into the boiling water.

“The footage is extraordinarily horrific and extremely distressing to look at,” the RSPCA’s chicken welfare specialist Kate Hartcher same.

“Animals altogether abattoirs have to be compelled to be shocked before slaughter so they are unconscious whereas they are being slaughtered.

“In this case one thing has gone awfully wrong.”

No formal investigation by Agriculture Victoria

PHOTO: Star Poultry abattoirs in Keysborough

Animal activists WHO planted the cameras within the ability gave the footage to Victoria’s butchery regulator, PrimeSafe, in March this year.

PrimeSafe investigated and referred the footage to Agriculture Victoria, that is to blame for implementing the state’s animal cruelty laws.

“That criticism was investigated and verified by PrimeSafe thanks to breaches of Australian Standards,” PrimeSafe same during a statement.

“The business was subject to social control action and magnified restrictive oversight till enhancements in animal handling, as well as back-up slaughter, were enforced.”

Agriculture Victoria same authorised officers spoke to the company’s management, however didn’t initiate a properanimal cruelty investigation.

“Agriculture Victoria was happy that the remedial action being taken by the corporate, at the direction of PrimeSafe, and a few workers changes would facilitate manage the instances of poor practices incontestible on the footage,” the department same during a statement.

‘Abattoir should not are running at all’

PHOTO: A chicken during a crate at the doorway to Star Poultry’s butchery.

The RSPCA’s Dr Hartcher has questioned why Star Poultry was allowed to continue slaughtering chickens whereas it absolutely was underneath investigation.

“We suppose that the butchery ought to are straight off clean up till all animal welfare risks are often avoided and any issues are often corrected,” she said.

“It was extraordinarily poor follow and it absolutely was a general drawback within the butchery.

“The butchery should not are running in the slightest degree.”

Victorian abattoirs ar subjected to four audits to visualize their compliance with animal welfare and food safety standards.

Theaudits ar administered by freelance contractors on behalf of PrimeSafe.

PrimeSafe says Star Poultry was subjected to four audits within the twelve months leading up to its investigation.

Star Poultry didn’t reply to seven.30’s request for Associate in Nursing interview.


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