Home Food Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix – Quick and Easy

Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix – Quick and Easy


Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix – Quick and Easy

So what do you do when you end up with ten pounds of ready bananas on your counter? – Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix Influence banana to bread obviously.

In any case, after a few pieces of that and still a considerable measure of ready bananas, I chose I expected to attempt a banana cake. My companion Dawn more likely than not been perusing my brain on the grounds that in the email, that day, she sent me photographs of a banana cake she had quite recently made. Alongside the photographs was the formula as well. She didn’t simply stop there however, she appeared at my entryway with a bit of that yummy banana cake. Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix – Cherish you, Dawn!

banana cake using white cake mix

Presently on the off chance that you know me, you know I don’t care for bananas. That is I don’t care for the surface of bananas. In any case, when you squash them up in bread or a cake I cherish them! What’s more, I cherished the cake that Dawn conveyed over so I got the chance to work to influence my own banana to a cake.

The cake is an incredible thing to make in the event that you have a considerable measure of bananas. I think I utilized 7 ready bananas!

Not exclusively are there bananas pounded up in the cake hitter, however, each layer of the cake is loaded with bananas pudding and cut bananas.

Loads of banana goodness in the middle of each layer of cake! Daybreak utilizes two layers of pudding and one of whip cream, each finished with bananas. I didn’t read that part (I’m a skimmer) so I utilized pudding in every one of the three layers. You pick!

The cake is clammy and heavenly with each one of those bananas. For the icing all, I utilized some sweetened whip cream. I just slathered the cake in it – yum!!

First light place nuts in her cake yet I chose just to put them on top for the completing touch. I utilized toasted pecans.

I made this the day I cleared out for Utah. Obviously, before I cleared out I needed to appreciate one piece!!

You will need to keep this cake in the fridge due to the whip cream icing. I cleared out a major note on the icebox I was pitiful to desert it. – Eat Cake! to remind Jim and Tessa it was in there.

Sunrise says this is her most asked for formula and she gets a considerable measure of solicitations for various formulas yet she is an incredible cook so you certainly need to try this one out!! I utilized toasted pecans.

So next time you end up with a ton of ready bananas – consider unheard of options. Attempt Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix!

Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix!


4 exceptionally ready pounded bananas

1 box Duncan Hines WHITE cake blend

3/4 container water

1/4 container oil

3 entire eggs

3/4 tsp preparing pop

1 tsp preparing powder


1 substantial box of cooked banana cream pudding, not the moment.

Make as indicated by headings on box and cool.

3 extra bananas


Blend all fixings with the exception of bananas for 2 minutes, medium speed

Include bananas and mix well

Heat in 2 or 3 lubed and floured round cake skillet, following preparing suggestions on box

I consider 25 minutes or until the point when toothpick tells the truth. Cool on racks

I make the cake the day preceding

Whip 1 container whipping cream, (a half quart, I think) sweeten gently with powdered sugar

Toss in somewhat vanilla for good measure


Split the layers, putting pudding and cut bananas into 2 layers, and the whipped cream in the others. Ice the entire cake with whip cream and sprinkle slashed walnuts to finish everything.

And it’s done, Banana Cake Using White Cake Mix is ready!

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